Toxicology Testing

It is well known that the mixing of multiple prescription drugs as well as with illicit drugs can be extremely harmful to a patient. It is important to understand the physiology of their patient, and have assurance that the patient is taking said medication in the prescribed dose. There are numerous accounts of patients either selling medications, or taking multiples from numerous doctors.

In today’s world of growing drug use and prescription drug abuse the physicians need to protect themselves from what has become in all likelihood a very real possibility regarding patients. One simple unknown action on the side of a patient could very well result in a doctor losing his license or facing a courtroom.

Urine Drug Testing provides doctors with the security they need to prescribe the care that their patients require, while also delivering a sense of complete coherence and knowledge of the situation. In a market where information is paramount, it is the physicians’ imperative to ensure the health of his patient while also securing and caring for their growing practice?

Ally Clinical Diagnostics would love to be this security blanket, we expect nothing more than the highest quality and we strive to deliver this quality to our physicians. We have a turnaround time set at 48 hours or less for all confirmation testing from the minute they reach our door, in most cases you will see results in the same day, which is unheard of in toxicology confirmation testing.